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Building bridges, open and transparant for quality content and the perfect situation for your new campaign.

High impact- & rich media-banner -Tv- commercial or event?
We like to help you!
Scouting the perfect location comes with planning, we operate in the field for media advertising and film, tv- series.

Scouting experts and supervising location managers for a smooth operation.
MAPITO finds an oldskool blacksmith, forge, metal workershop, 3D-printing, packaging √ filling lines, coatings, aerosol, industrial paints, PET, Robots and Agribusiness & Food.
Our location library with over +95,000 locations organised in categories and with our CMS we can help you finding your perfect match within your needs and budget.

Location by MAPITO Locations

Your location. Your video. Your brand.

MAPITO Helps you find your perfect location match – Filming Consultancy, & Collaboration.
View all options. Indicate your wishes & view locations that suit you best! …and save your precious time. So, whether you’re looking for film, event, corporate advert Mapito.nl is a leading in locations and experts in finding. Start searching immediately.

Some more CATEGORIES we offer:

Non Residential & Residential
Urban landscapes
Domestic houses gardens and flats
Mansions, Manons & stately homes
Historic & Public buildings
Entertainment, food, drink & accomodation
Education & Sports
Industry & Commerce 
The Great Outdoors

Maritime ⚓️ #Strong rigging & heavy lifting

Agri & Food

[Roads & Infra]
[Roads & Public Transportation]
[Roads Bridges, Fly-over- & Tunnels]
Coastal Roads- & Winding roads for film

Not finding what you are looking for?
If it’s not in the library, our location scouting / management / research department will go out and find it! We’ll nip round greater Amsterdam or travel the world to find the perfect location for your project. The accumulated knowledge of our team takes some beating: not only do you get a scout on the road, you also get an office support team researching and suggesting new leads, and sorting out permissions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you with anything.

Data drives us all #smartsolutions