HAVEP Building & Construction Site with Shovel.

“When is MAPITO getting here?”
“All I need is a building site”
“My name is Frans van den Bemd and I Am a location scout”.

“I am working with a crazy director …
“I find locations for movies”.

MAPITO on Location.

Due to the deadline given from the client and an early long dry season with extreme draught we changed strategy and scouted for a depot or warehouse of raw materials for a mountain shape in the background for this ADVERT.
MAPITO scouted materials like; Sand, sables & granutal, we digged and researched the sand extraction industry and many depots and terminals in The Netherlands and Belgium. Gravel, split, (grind, korrels for Bouwstoffen; Ontginning en bouwstoffen).

Caterpillar; Antraciet houtskool; Bulk; Bulk cargo; Calcium sulfaat; Calcium sulphate; Charcoal anthracite; Coal; Coal storage; Dry Cargo; Factory; ijzeroxiden; Industry; Iron oxides; Micronized coal; Petroleum coke; Petroleumcokes; Product; Raw material; Steam coal; Storage; Storage space; Warehouse; Warehousing.

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MAPITO on Location.

Stevedoring; Dry Bulk; Bulk terminal; Raw material.
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MAPITO Locations.
TEAM MAPITO Production/Location Management.
Credit: PLOTON for HAVEP workwear.
On location with a great feeling and a good spirit the working team behind the scenes.

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