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Filming on location in Italy?
Our high end scouting experts are continuously working so that you can be delivered your dream in the shortest time possible, providing for exceptional, atypical sets and unique locations for your film and photo productions in Italy, Milan, Torino, Genua, Amalfi, Rome, and Sardinia.
MAPITO has created throughout 29 years a database of over 85,000 photos and over 1,000 private spaces, castles, lofts, contemporary design villas, or apartments ideal for film shooting and photo shooting for fashion and commercials. Moreover, our film and photo production TEAM MAPITO let the access to a wide panel of services for filming and photo shooting. Will you find the ideal setting, the atypical space for your coming film or photo production?
Share the briefing of your project with us, you will save your precious time, and in production time is money…

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