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Rob van Roon from the Netherlands confidently follows his own path. The BMW i3* has been his companion since 2013 – because it embodies all that Rob values in life. By investing in e-mobility, the BMW Group offers all its customers more power of choice.

“TEAM MAPITO ambassador in the field, branding UNESCO landscapes and beautiful Dutch infra structure powered by MAPITO Library and huge experience combining the best results”.


Electromobility opens up new possibilities. Although electric vehicles like the i3 are primarily designed for urban spaces, Rob shows that pure electric power also works for longer distances. He often drives more than 1,000 km a week – and feels freer than ever. “ Charging doesn’t mean waiting, for me. I use the time for other things – like talking to customers.”

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Credits: Rückenwindfilm GmbH | Producer: Hana Tsutsumi, Director: Christoph Deja Photographer: Robert Fischer.

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