MAPITO Locations we produce and deal with basic, comfort & premium locations for your experience; (feature) film, tv-serie, event or expedition. Working close together with crazy art directors and film directors searching for the perfect setting and mood within the budget.

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<- – – We organize your stuff, so you can focus on your client and timeline management but with shortlines and direct contact with your personal man in the field and LM (Location Manager) on the Go.

– On/Offshore
– Vessels; expedition, fishing trawlers, ferries.
– Super Yacht Charters
– Marinas & Moorage
– Ports, Terminals & Warehouses
– Research
– Shipyards & Docks
– Ship locks
– Houseboats

– Urban landscapes
– Domestic houses gardens and flats
– Interiors
– Mansions, Manons & stately homes
– Public buildings
– Entertainment, food, drink & accomodation
– Education & Sports
– Industry & Commerce
– Transport*
– The Great Outdoors*


AVIATION & AEROSPACE ✈ Business Premium Exclusive Product
– Airports & airfields
– Aircrafts, helicopters
– Maintenance hangars

– Vegetables & fruit
– Innovation
– Livestock farming
– Corporate
– National
– Sustainability

AUTOMOTIVE Business Premium Exclusive Product
– Oval Test Facilities, tunnels, coastal roads, lakes, bridges serpetine roads, forests and deserts in 42 countries.
From concept to implementation in real city situations and snow conditions.

We also shoot your background plate high-res for CGI, VFX, set extensions, matte painting supplier for your animation presentation or post production project.

We always work discrete within your budget, focused on all markets and operate in all industries worldwide, est.1991

MAPITO can help.*
*with film on location, location collaboration, and location everything else.
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