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MAPITO PRODUCTION SERVICES FOR FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE NETHERLANDS SERVING THE FILM & VIDEO PRODUCTION INDUSTRY est. 1991. Probably the largest global network of locationscouts & location managers, whether you need a castle or bridge in Holland, Belgium or France, we help you find exactly what you need for your production. Easy Check InYou […]

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MAPITO, locatiebureau, location agency

Film Shoot | Binnen én Buiten Europa | Zoek jij locaties die visueel sterk zijn? Bel MAPITO ✅ Specialist in Locaties Wereldwijd. De mooiste film locaties georganiseerd door een ervaren team van Locatie Managers. Een goede locatie is een van de meest belangrijkste manieren om met jouw film indruk te maken. MAPITO.nl ✅ biedt op maat gemaakte […]


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MAPITO GREEN | FOREST WILDLIFE ECOLOGY🌿🐾 Nature as a business model 🌿🌿🌿 Green is becoming mainstream and nature connects. Spending time in nature we’ll lose stress and with todays targets and  workflow pressure we all need quality time outside and like to combine leisure and sports. Research reveals that green environments reduces our stress, which […]

Themepark Amsterdam 2.0

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Amsterdam € 100.000.000,- for more bicycle parkings more cycle lanes. Green Amsterdam, cycleplan carparking. Great ideas for a cleaner and better #themepark without a proper enforcement, but beautiful new film locations for your next commercial entertainment media project. #locationmanager #locationscouting #film #teammapito🌎 https://www.instagram.com/p/BqhHDX_F0tp/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=1ms5823m44a4t

Amsterdam❤️ Energy

No wind today but lot’s of power & energy in #Amsterdam 🙃 still going strong with creative ideas👍 MAPITO🔶Entertainment Intensive Care Visit our database listed with 43 countries Helping Largest Marketing Companies to Ads of the World. https://teammapito.smugmug.com #teammapito🌎 #MAPITOLocations

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Choose what you want! Amsterdam is hot & and you want to brand your product with a TV commericial or online FB promo👍 We are there to handle your production on location and always within a budget. Nothing is impossible and with 29 years of experience we like to Inspire you. ✅MAPITO operates more than […]

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MAPITO location agency and database powered by SmugMug and The Dutch Creative Group Via Flickr: Planes, trains, roads, automobiles, tunnel, roads & more….hairpin roads, mountain roads, locationmanager, locationscout, film, photography, CGi, car WE ARE A TEAM WE ORGANISE PLANES TRAINS PERMITS YACHTS BOATS LOCATION SCOUTING IS TOPSPORT WE ARE A TEAM WE ARE PRODUCTION ON […]

Shoot ready locations for the Automotive Industry

Automotive | Car Shoot Ready Locations 81.100 locations online in our database!! Cost saving, efficient, faster workflow with expertise and great service. Locations tagged by keywords, and in 4 languages. 90% of all lay-outs and moodboard we have seen in the past with all the expertise we have scouted before aroud the world. Inspiration for […]

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TEAM MAPITO All in One and First Stop 4 Your Next Project. Producers & Entrepreneurs for all Media & Events, Filmmakers, Photographers, Location Scouts/Managers, Researchers, Fixers, Advertising & Fashion, Film and Event assignments, est. 1991 We are consistently updating and expanding our location database. If you or anyone else you know have a property you […]