Film Crew vs Location Manager

The map is wrong! How do they expect us to get to the location? Look, they misspelled my name! What happens if it rains? We’re not supposed to park there. That’s all they do is drive the trucks? I have to have a coffee. Don’t they have chains for us? When you’re lit, the clients would like to look through the lens. Which line is TV safety? I don’t like what she’s wearing. Are we going to see that cross on the film? Can they make her look more French? I don’t think the camera is level. Can she hold it closer to her face? It looks like something’s in fire. He did it in casting. Can we make the product larger? That’s not what we wanted. Why does it look so dark? That’s not a copy Can we pause on the bite? This is not the original concept. Is the video guy asleep? I liked it better in the animatic. Which one is the eyepiece? I have a concern. What am I looking at? The client is very sensitive about that; I don’t think we should bring it up. Where is my Evian? Nobody told me. When is lunch? He doesn’t care what it costs: he’s not going to pay for it. Why isn’t she smiling? I hope we’re not heaving Italian; we had Italian yesterday. Where are they going to put the camera next? It worked fine in the test kitchen. Why isn’t he eating it? But it tested so well! Is this the same guy we cast? That’s not what we discussed in the pre-pro. Can we shoot it both ways? Can we have wine with lunch? It’s not in the board. What about the alternate? I’m not talking to that asshole anymore! Who has the final copy? Breakfast was beautiful! What happened to frame 4? Do you need us anymore? The drinks are great but tomorrow can you serve the client’s product instead? What is the call time for us? Where”s the best restaurant? How do we get to the hotel?


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