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Automotive | Car Shoot Ready Locations

85.200 locations online in our database!
Cost saving, efficient, faster workflow with expertise supporting special missions and providing outstanding service. Hands-On Knowledgeable Team. 25+ Years of Experience. Production from A-Z

Addicts & locations  90% of all lay-outs, creative ideas and moodboard we have seen in the past with all the expertise and experience we have scouted before, in the past all aroud the world, comes back in storytelling 3.0.

Solutions & Inspiration for photographers, directors, art directors,  advertising agencies, operators but also the gaming industry; search, test and look for yourself.
With hubs in Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, ….Cold or Hot.
Design, innovation, architecture, archives, mountains, bridges, beaches, residences, houses, restaurants, hotels, roads, race tracks, trains and planes.

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MAPITO locatiebureau location agencyWe are consistently updating and expanding our location database. If you or anyone else you know have a property you would like to see featured in a photography/film shoot, please write us an e-mail


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