Location agency MAPITO to the World

Location agency MAPITO to the World TEAM MAPITO always in search for stunning film & photo locations, both National and International, for tv, film & (POS ) advertising. You don’y have to login to browse through our online photo database. Have a look at huge database &more, in association with our friends https://teammapito.smugmug.com (Always type your […]

Eindredacteur SPRINT Magazine

Wat leuk, kom ik mijn eindredacteur tegen van SPRINT Magazine, zittie lekker te bladeren door het mooiste atletiek blad v NL. Gewoon home made in #onsBreda. Doen we maar gelijk een bakkie dan @BrandpuntBreda – “great coffee”. Kun jij dus ook altijd even rondkijken en shoppen☕️ 🕒Werkdagen 9.00 – 17:30 🕒Zaterdag 12:00 – 17:30 #avSPRINT […]


We recently shot some photos for SPRINT Magazine  – A very interesting close encounter with my ‘new friend’ and true forest man by nature, my learning moments of forest management every day when going out there on Assignment, this is why I love my work. Always on a mission out there in the field. #sustainableforestmanagement […]

Bondpark teaser film

BondPark Teaser from TEAM MAPITO  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CUTguUCjOg&feature=youtu.be&list=PLA3JkqzdxSL5jfpfPUHpMfAgbSSP0lScJ TEAM MAPITO project aligned with our friends. Image makers, filmmakers, photographers, fixers, scouts, owners, and regular guys teammapito.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Location Moodboards &More

We like to inspire you with locations from Scotland. We have car SHOOT READY locations for your next (automotive) project. MAPITO scouts and deals with locations for all media & events and has (CGI) car shoot ready locations, we share locations within our Global network and partners and give loads of choices and more. We […]

POV Amsterdam

Scouting Amsterdam from a different angle 😀 I AM AMSTERDAM I Am a #locationscout #fixer #locationmanager We are a team We are mountains we are rivers We are skylinee We are roads for advertising, film & photo but also for events and promotions. We Know Where and How – MAPITO FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT […]

Mountain road locations

Discover your potential opportunities with TEAM MAPITO 69.500 location online for free – We like to Inspire you with locations Team MAPITO hairpin locations All in One and First Stop 4your next project. Filmmakers, photographers, location scouts / managers, researchers & fixers for all media & events. TEAM MAPITO THE FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT. We […]

Dirt track road location

2day some more dirt tracks and dust in my lens, I used the slider this time. https://teammapito.smugmug.com Kind regards, TEAM MAPITO The Contentmakers Photo(video)graphers, Location scouts, Location managers, fixers, & researchers MAPITO location database 81.000 film friendly locations also for VFX, photo, film & events, aligned with our friends https://www.mapito.nl/ #tracks #dirtroads #windingroads #curvedroads #teammapito #automotive

On the Road

Addicted to roads and always on road travelling scouting also for the automotive industry, today I shot🎥 in the rolling hills some nice curved roads and dirt tracks. WE SCOUT LOCATIONS, WHAT DO YOU NEED? We scout locations for film and TV, we also photograph high res locations for U, and shoot film/video for your […]