MAPITO Locations

We invest significant time and effort in understanding your needs, evaluating all options, shortlisting the best alternatives and recommending those we feel are optimal for you and your audience. We would never propose the most expensive solution just because it is desirable for our short-term bottom line. It’s not the way we work.

It’s all about details, details details, your scenario is leading!

Our clients are our priority and their requirements and objectives are always foremost in our minds. Our aim is to implement qualitative solutions that deliver results for you.
2020 is all about making your film project better than any other. Quality is key. Your film and content on location should be awesome, useful and engaging!

Let’s get down to business, we have no time to waste and no time to fight with egos. We work for companies with guts only.
Production management, location scout, researcher & location managers worldwide, est. 1991

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Is your project behind schedule?
With MAPITO on location we are your eyes and boots on the ground. With our broad experience we unburden you and your project. Specialists see more, know more and have lot’s of different angels and a unique close inside network including an awesome location database.

We charge a special fee – 24/7 service – plus expenses.
We stand for quality, short communication lines, with clear information an agreement before we go on assignment. Challenge us and sent us your storyboard and script.

Oh,… and do you need accomodation, airport shuttles, VIP transportation?
No problem, sent us your ETA and we will organise a pick up shuttle and a smooth arrival for your location visit, and technical recce to the set.

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