Dirt track road location

2day some more dirt tracks and dust in my lens, I used the slider this time. https://teammapito.smugmug.com Kind regards, TEAM MAPITO The Contentmakers Photo(video)graphers, Location scouts, Location managers, fixers, & researchers MAPITO location database 81.000 film friendly locations also for VFX, photo, film & events, aligned with our friends https://www.mapito.nl/ #tracks #dirtroads #windingroads #curvedroads #teammapito #automotive

On the Road

Addicted to roads and always on road travelling scouting also for the automotive industry, today I shot🎥 in the rolling hills some nice curved roads and dirt tracks. WE SCOUT LOCATIONS, WHAT DO YOU NEED? We scout locations for film and TV, we also photograph high res locations for U, and shoot film/video for your […]

On Location

On location this afternoon I shot with these cool kids at a skatepark, we had a lot of fun together, me shooting their tricks and stunts, I learned a lot from them, and yes again with just a Tripod and my mini Jib from Genustech, that’s all I need, nice footage #genustech #sachtler #skatepark #kids […]

Waterfront location

Nice location at the waterfront with peace and happinez. TEAM MAPITO | Photo(video)graphers, Location scouts & Location managers #peace #waterfront #sea #hut #blue #sunny #teammapito #locations #happinez #locationscout

I am

DO U KNOW WHERE I AM? Hippy chick, nice shop, happy Island and the best music


Inspired by the light but of course by these to friendly Toni(82) and Margherita(83), brother & sister by the way….working in the field here daily, reminds me of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh his famous (my favourite) painting, I really had a nice day with them shooting 🎥footage for my portfolio.