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Videographer, Online commercial, Corporate films, Tv Commercials, Visual Internet content, Animation & Graphic design, Educational films, Promotion films, training & instructional films, Blue/Greenscreen shots, Social Media. 

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MultiMedia Producers, Photographers, Location scouts/managers, researchers & fixers for photo, film and event assignments, since 1991

Frans van den Bemd handled many photographic shoots and films, and has been a location scout/manager around the world. He travelled in the following countries: 

Ukraine, Brazil, China (Peking, Shanghai, Shenzehn), Hong Kong, Australia, Czech Republic, Philippines, Malaysia, Borneo, Egypt, Sweden, Luxembourg, Singapore, Andorra, Finland, Maroc, South Africa, Austria, France, Mexico, Spain, Aruba, Germany, Monaco, Swaziland, Gran Canarias Islands, Namib, Switserland, Belgium, Israel, Netherlands, Thailand, Bonaire, Indonesia, New Zealand, Tunesia, Cambodia, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom, Cape Verde, Japan, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Kenya, Scotland, USA (Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Texas, NYC, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada).


TEAM MAPITO is a unique worldwide location scouting network for All Media, Events, TV commercials, movies, films and the advertising industry

Since the 80's we advise our clients where to find the best locations in the world for their next project. We know about inspiring film and photo shoot locations all over the world, in SOUTH AMERICA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NORTH AMERICA OR AFRICA. For example a desert in Oregon or the Mojave desert, and within your budget. But to guarantee the location, it would possibly require a scouting, due to the simple fact locations do change.
We have a huge database and online locations. As we all know, there is a tremendous amount of on-location shoots everywhere, every day around the world. This requires coordination, planning and permits for your film or photo shoot.

If you leave us a message via , we will respond in time. Contact TEAM MAPITO for more information. You can also search in the huge database developed by partner Locamundo.com  for 3D-images, HDRi-environment and Qualified CGI locations.

TEAM MAPITO, location scouts / locatie scouts, location managers & video/photographers

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