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Are you looking for a venue in Amsterdam?, or are you in the need of a location fixer in the Netherlands? We do the scouting, the permits, the maps and the parking. And it’s not just sites: we find you the local vendors: animal trainers, teachers for minors, helicopter pilots and mounts, production people, craft […]

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MAPITO: Film location scout, locations agency & film location database. Location Scout Mapito is scouting your film location or venue. Find online film and photo locations for TV commercials, film shoots and photo shoots with our location database. We Are a Team of Makers & Planners. TEAM MAPITO continually invests in maintaining its reputation for […]

MAPITO | 81.000+ Film Locations

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WE’VE GOT MANY PLACES WE LIKE TO BE. NORWAY IS ONE. With 81,000+ film locations probably the biggest database for your next video project. Do you need a location for your next film project or venue?

Amsterdam❤️the Devine City

Choose what you want! Amsterdam is hot & and you want to brand your product with a TV commericial or online FB promo👍 We are there to handle your production on location and always within a budget. Nothing is impossible and with 29 years of experience we like to Inspire you. ✅MAPITO operates more than […]


Your next location or hotel desination? We travel and research locations and capture these incredible places. To inspire you over 69.000 inspiring photos online, is our knowledge and expertise for stories, advertising, films & More. We deal with locations worldwide, this is our business model for your next project or event. No matter where, now […]

Being always on location, out there in the fields.

Love for nature, this is all about Locations out there in the field, either a glasshouse, houseboat, nursery, hospital, airport or plane. MAPITO has 81.000 shoot ready locations, online and over 800.000 Locations in our huge database. Hard to describe, easy to love. We know how and where for your next commercial event or (Guerilla) […]

Deep dark inside with a mission | #imagineeredby

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Nature is business, like Amsterdam is hot business

AMSTERDAM: TEAM MAPITO The Marketing of the city of Amsterdam as a brand by Tours & Tickets, cheese, canals, excursions and entertainment is a succes. Business models in nature and leisure economy do exactly the same in all marketing aspects but can they do more with new business models; developing, planning projects and branding for […]

Cave location

Do you need a cave 4your next project? I Am your touroperator Travel, travel & travel Let Us Inspire You We are the triangel between the client and the creatives. Scouting the universe, bringing you the best locations from all over the world. TEAM MAPITO | FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT vimeo or […]

Waterfront location

Nice location at the waterfront with peace and happinez. TEAM MAPITO | Photo(video)graphers, Location scouts & Location managers #peace #waterfront #sea #hut #blue #sunny #teammapito #locations #happinez #locationscout