MAPITO Location Fixer – Amsterdam based location fixer in the Netherlands

Location Fixer Amsterdam-based location fixer in the Netherlands Location Fixer Amsterdam is also know as MAPITO. Probably the biggest location library and reputation for delivering high quality  photography worldwide in the film and advertising industry 81,000 locations online including the location management and production service. WE’RE OPERATING IN MANY DIFFERENT MARKETS, ON ALL CONTINENTS AND IN […]

Fixer & Location Manager Amsterdam

FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT. No.1 fixer in the content & advertising industry. Database Location agency MAPITO: for all your photo and film locations with over 81.000+ shoot ready locations. We make your project run smooth with our time management tool. We plan visually with a single glance and make sure your projects are […]


I AM MAPITO I SCOUT LOCATIONS 4FILM MAPITO, photographer/filmmaker – TEAM MAPITO scouts, managers, fixers. First stop for film & photoshoots and always ahead in locations. Film, location, photo location, location scout, locationfiles, location files, scout, finder, filmscout, film scout, search, browse, research, findlocations, find locations, find film locations, locationmanager, location manager, locationlibrary, location library, […]


We zoeken voor een commercial een grote studentenwoning in Amsterdam Studentenhuis met grote keuken of gemeenschappelijk grote woonkamer. Woon jij in een groot studentenhuis, stuur ons dan een bericht. We horen graag van je. Onze filosofie Elk project is belangrijk! Meedenken met de klant. De nieuwste ontwikkelingen door te nemen met een regisseur, architecten en […]


AMSTERDAM LOCATION, MOOD & INSPIRATION BY MAPITO LOCATIONS MultiMedia Producer & Entrepreneurs for all Media & Events, location scouts/managers, researchers, fixers, advertising & fashion, media producer, film and event assignments. A GOOD 95% CHANCE TO FIND LOCATIONS OR IMAGES ON FILE AND IN OUR DATABASE, FOR YOUR IDEA, PROJECT OR LAYOUT. WE HAVE OVER 69.874 LOCATIONS […]

Go Kayak – de Mark rally 2015

Go Kayak – de Mark rally 2015 Outdoor activities – Micro adventure, travelling by water. 1 Canoe, 1 Dagger and 1 Liquid Logic flowing at just the right speed for recreational kayaking and canoeing. 08:15 Merksplas, Belgium direction Breda, the Netherlands. de Mark rally 2015 de Mark rally 2015       View On WordPress

Event, venue locations

Without a location No event, contact – TEAM MAPITO Without a location no event, contact team Mapito, a photo by MAPITO | Location scouts & Location managers on Flickr.

Location Moodboards &More

We like to inspire you with locations from Scotland. We have car SHOOT READY locations for your next (automotive) project. MAPITO scouts and deals with locations for all media & events and has (CGI) car shoot ready locations, we share locations within our Global network and partners and give loads of choices and more. We […]

City skyline

Scouting skylines is a keyword for every Location scout and a repeating question in The automotive industry. Scouting Locations around The World since 1991 we still are surprised how difficult it seems for advertising agencies And clients to deal with Google research, we are every day Out in The field, we know the game, cooperate […]

POV Amsterdam

Scouting Amsterdam from a different angle 😀 I AM AMSTERDAM I Am a #locationscout #fixer #locationmanager We are a team We are mountains we are rivers We are skylinee We are roads for advertising, film & photo but also for events and promotions. We Know Where and How – MAPITO FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT […]