MAPITO Location Database

The MAPITO location database, a product and part of TEAM MAPITO the producers and contentmakers for your brand. Worldwide locations that Inspires #imagemakers #locations #fixers #locationmanager #locationscout #locationagency #teammapito🌎

Film Crew vs Location Manager

The map is wrong! How do they expect us to get to the location? Look, they misspelled my name! What happens if it rains? We’re not supposed to park there. That’s all they do is drive the trucks? I have to have a coffee. Don’t they have chains for us? When you’re lit, the clients […]

Rotterdam is HOT

inspiring city #Rotterdam inspiring locations for film and more. TEAM MAPITO scout and deals with locations for all media & events and has (CGI) car shoot ready locations, we share locations within our Global network and partners and give loads of choices and more. We do the scouting, the permits, the maps and the parking. […]

Good vibes in the city of Rotterdam

Rotterdam Inspiring city. Follow TEAM MAPITO the next coming days and get inspired by Rotterdam. In order to create a beautiful film, we scout locations trhoughout the world, this week TEAMMAPITO is scouting for a new film ‘Petit Paris’ 🎥👍 #rotterdam #petitparis #locations #locationscout #fixers #teammapito

Evergreen film location

Evergreens – Summer Vs Winter #Fixers #locationscouting for film & photo, find more l#ocations and #moodboards 👍us

Database film locations

Locations Database Step off the beaten Google tracks and challenge us. Travel, adventurous, individual cultural. We are the triangel between the client and the creatives. Scouting the universe, bringing you the best locations from all over the world, MAPITO FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT.

Windmills Oldskool

WINDMILL LOCATION INSPIRATION 4 YOUR NEXT FILM PROJECT. DO YOU  NEED A WINDMILL LOCATION? A GOOD 95% CHANCE TO FIND LOCATIONS OR IMAGES ON FILE AND IN OUR DATABASE, FOR YOUR IDEA, PROJECT OR LAYOUT. Our film location database with over 81,100 locations in 42 countries used for film and advertising photography. MAPITO, We scout […]


DAMEN Business Course from Frans van den Bemd | team Mapito on Vimeo. team MAPITO wishes to thank; Damen Shipyards Group Arold de Vries | HR Director Jaap Swierenga | Course Director Joost van der Weiden | Cases Lotte van Mourik | Logistiek Silvy van Haren | Selectie Gijs Groeneveld | Teambuilding Jos Govaarts | […]

Propeller | SOKOTO

Propeller #LNG #SOKOTO Photography for Damen Shiprepair by #TeamMaPiTo, #photographers/#videographers, #researchers, #fixers, #location scouts, location managers and for your next project in all media. Kind regards, Frans van den Bemd M +31 653 44.33.95 [Frans] We scout locations, since 1991 over 69.874 shoot ready location online, for Free