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⚓️MARITIME | YACHTING, PORTS & MARINAS PREMIUM LABELOn & Offshore, Ports, Terminals, Strong rigging & heavy lifting Marine locations. Expedition vessels, Ship locks, ferries, yachts, fishing trawlers, houseboats, marinas. ✈AEROSPACE & AVIATION EXCLUSIVE LABELSpecialists in TV and Film Aerial CoordinationAircrafts, helicopters Airbus, Boeing 747-400 maintenance hangar.Helping Largest Marketing Companies to Ads of the World. Run […]

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Shoot like a pro with locations from TEAM MAPITO. Probably the largest global network of locationscouts & location managers, If you need that perfect insta-shot for a castle a bridge, desert, disco or marina in Belgium or France, we help you find exactly what you need for your production. Over 81,000 locations Visit NOW MAPITO […]

Issue magazine DAMEN

How cool to be in the first Issue of the #DAMEN magazine worldwide in 34 countries, it feels great after travelling 22 years around the world to have worked for this mutlinational and be part of a ‘family’, based in the Netherlands but operating Worldwide and with a lot of expertise on board with dedicated […]

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Refit LNG SOKOTO Dry Docked

Check our Special label MAPITO ‘Maritime’⚓️ in our huge global database for more atypical location photo’s to inspire your project or creative director and leader in command. Contact your location manager with all your details and for availability. ⚓️MARITIME | YACHTING, PORTS & MARINAS Ship locks, vessels, ferries, sailing yachts, expedition, fishing trawlers, houseboats, marinas, […]

Ships Propeller | SOKOTO

Photography for DAMEN Shiprepair & Conversion by TEAM MAPITO impressive quick preview, Propeller #LNG #SOKOTO #photographers/#videographers, #researchers, #fixers, #location scouts, location managers and for your next project in all media. over 81.100 shoot ready location online in our database

Gastanker LNG SOKOTO

Gastanker #LNG #SOKOTO in a nice mood docked in Brest at #DAMEN Shiprepair, photo by #TEAMMAPITO Check our ‘Maritime’ label in our huge database for more location photo’s to inspire your project or contact your location manager for more.

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Location by #teammapito. We #scout #houses, #villas and have over 69.000 more #Locations online for free. Do you need a #location for your next #event or #project? #TeamMapito scouts and manage Locations for film, tv and all media.

LNG SOKOTO in dock @ Damen Shiprepair, Brest.

Last week we went offshore to shoot some images from SHELLS LNG SOKOTO on sea as she was still gasfreeing in the bay just outside the Damen yard. As a ‘subcontractor’ for DAMEN we had to timelapse the drydocking of this huge vessel 288m x 48m in Damen’s dock. Damen Shiprepair Brest (France) is a well-established repair yard with modern facilities. The yard […]

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MAPITO Locations to the World – Content Production: we have extensive experience across all levels of film and photographic production in Europe and overseas. As well as finding your location we co-ordinate casting, crew, equipment, catering, prop hire & travel logistics. Showcasing the world’s finest film, tv and commercial locations. We make media productions of […]