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Welke Locatie database is geschikt om een juiste film locatie te vinden? Op zoek naar een boerderij of kantoor, kijk en vergelijk en boek tevens het locatiemanagement voor uw film project. Automotive • Banking • Construction • Sustainability • Healthcare • Agro & Food Your story, your location, your video. MAPITO Locaties 🇧🇪 België https://teammapito.smugmug.com/browse

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⚓️MARITIME | YACHTING, PORTS & MARINAS PREMIUM LABELOn & Offshore, Ports, Terminals, Strong rigging & heavy lifting Marine locations. Expedition vessels, Ship locks, ferries, yachts, fishing trawlers, houseboats, marinas. ✈AEROSPACE & AVIATION EXCLUSIVE LABELSpecialists in TV and Film Aerial CoordinationAircrafts, helicopters Airbus, Boeing 747-400 maintenance hangar.Helping Largest Marketing Companies to Ads of the World. Run […]

Landscape for film shoot❄️

MAPITO Winter Mountain View Landscape

Landscape for film shoot❄️CGI, VFX, Matte Painting, Digitale Set Extension. Are you looking for that awesome winter landscape or that perfect situation to create your set? Location Agency MAPITO is your best match. Wwe can shoot your background plate like in your storyboard, so it will fit in your Post Production. We also supply locations […]

5 Best Arctic Sea Safari film locations🐳


The Orca’s & Whales have arrived again in the Norwegian fjords. But like with any wildlife they migrate and therefore we recommend you to book your arrival destination way in advance with your expert in the field. Luck, courage, insight. Like with any production, a perfect timing is crucial. 🐳Book your RIB boat seat 2019 […]

Themepark Amsterdam 2.0

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Amsterdam € 100.000.000,- for more bicycle parkings more cycle lanes. Green Amsterdam, cycleplan carparking. Great ideas for a cleaner and better #themepark without a proper enforcement, but beautiful new film locations for your next commercial entertainment media project. #locationmanager #locationscouting #film #teammapito🌎 https://www.instagram.com/p/BqhHDX_F0tp/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=1ms5823m44a4t

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FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT. No.1 fixer in the content & advertising industry. Database Location Agency MAPITO: for all your photo and film locations with over 81.000+ shoot ready locations. We make your project run smooth with our time management tool. We plan visually with a single glance and make sure your projects are […]


MAPITO location database with over 81,000 film and photography locations. AVIATION • AUTOMOTIVE • HERITAGE • FASHION / EDITORIAL • INDUSTRIAL • LIFESTYLE • LIVING • MARITIME & The Great Outdoors • Wildlife • Sea Safari • Forestry. MAPITO is a network of experienced location managers that have worked with brands like Audi, Harpers Bazaar, […]

Bouwlocatie nodig? Wij timmeren overal aan de weg……

We like to Inspire! We Think, We Create, We Deliver. OPEN | Ondernemerschap – Partnerschap – Eigenzinnigheid – Niets te verbergen, transparantie. Renovatie – Nieuwbouw – Verbouwing. POWERED BY #TEAMMAPITO   

Tulip fields – Typical Dutch film friendly locations

Tulipmania🌷 Zonder locatie’s géén Film🌷Fashion Foto shoot. MAPITO Locations – 81,100 Awesome Film Friendly Global Locations. https://teammapito.smugmug.com/MAPITO-film-location-database-location-agency-fixer/Typical-Dutch-Locations/Tulipfields/ #tulips #location 🇳🇱#typicaldutch #locationscouting #teammapito🌎

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MAPITO location database powered by TEAM MAPITO and SmugMug aligned The Dutch Creative Group Via Flickr: Planes, trains, roads, automobiles, tunnel, roads & more….hairpin roads, mountain roads, locationmanager, locationscout, film, photography, CGi, car WE ARE A TEAM WE ORGANISE PLANES TRAINS PERMITS YACHTS BOATS LOCATION SCOUTING IS TOPSPORT WE ARE A TEAM WE ARE PRODUCTION ON […]

Gezocht: Hue GU10 Store projectverlichting

We zijn voor een foto shoot op zoek naar een winkel project in greater Amsterdam met de Hue GU10 spots. Heeft u als architect of installatie bedrijf recent een mooi verlichtings  project opgeleverd en ook voor een lichtplan en dit product van Philips gekozen, laat het ons dan weten. Discover your potential opportunities with MAPITO Loctions 81.100 location online […]


I AM MAPITO LOCATIONS 4 FILM & EVENTS. MAPITO we produce and deal with premium & exclusive locations for your experience, film, event or expedition. Non Residential & Residential Urban landscapes Domestic houses gardens and flats Interiors Mansions, Manons & stately homes Public buildings Entertainment, food, drink & accomodation Education & Sports Industry & Commerce […]

Do you need an event location?

Still haven’t found your perfect location? MAPITO scout and deals with locations for all media & events and has (CGI) shoot ready locations, we share locations within our Global network and partners & friends and give loads of choices and more. We do the scouting, the permits, the maps and the parking. And it’s not […]

Summer vs Winter – MAPITO Can help!

MAPITO can help.* *with location collaboration, location distribution and location everything else. Non Residential & Residential Urban landscapes Domestic houses gardens and flats Interiors Mansions, Manons & stately homes Public buildings Entertainment, food, drink & accomodation Education & Sports Industry & Commerce Transport The Great Outdoors Your location. Your video. Your brand. Whats it gonna be […]

Go Kayak – de Mark rally 2015

Go kayakking Go Outside

Go Kayak – de Mark rally 2015 Outdoor activities – Micro adventure, travelling by water. 1 Canoe, 1 Dagger and 1 Liquid Logic flowing at just the right speed for recreational kayaking and canoeing. https://runkeeper.com/user/franske/activity/708960341 08:15 Merksplas, Belgium direction Breda, the Netherlands. de Mark rally 2015 – Pilot Case study and exploring greater Breda for Tourism, […]

TEAM MAPITO | Automotive Car Platform & Daylight Studios

TEAM MAPITO | Automotive Car Platform & Daylight Studios Addicted to roads and always on roads, scouting locations for the Automotive Category Industry. Here we’d like to present our car platform both for stills advertising & film 🎥 surrounded by the rolling hills and magnificent mountains with plenty nice curved roads and dirt tracks. WE ARE […]

Take control

Take Control & Make Ideas Happen. LET YOUR CONSCIENCE GUIDE THE ACTIONS. We are the triangel between the client and the creatives. Scouting the universe, bringing you the best locations from all over the world, You can use our huge film location database to let us, inspire you! Step off the beaten Google tracks, Take […]

MAPITO Automotive Locations

MAPITO Automotive Locations; Winding roads, fly-over, tree roads, mountain roads, forestry, city skylines, tunnels & parkings. We inspire you with over +81.000 locations that excites. Interested in more?… sit back and relax. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Maastricht, Arnhem, Den Hague, Utrecht, Breda. Visit our Global Location Database for More; Different categories and 42 countries and contact […]

MAPITO Shooting on Location

Take Control & Make Ideas Happen. Today we shoot🎥 with the Genus Mini Jib on location, this revolutionary camera jib arm gives you the freedom to take a camera jib to places you would only dream of doing in the past. We never leave home with out it. MAPITO : Film location scouting and location agency, […]