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⚓️MARITIME | YACHTING, PORTS & MARINAS PREMIUM LABELOn & Offshore, Ports, Terminals, Strong rigging & heavy lifting Marine locations. Expedition vessels, Ship locks, ferries, yachts, fishing trawlers, houseboats, marinas. ✈AEROSPACE & AVIATION EXCLUSIVE LABELSpecialists in TV and Film Aerial CoordinationAircrafts, helicopters Airbus, Boeing 747-400 maintenance hangar.Helping Largest Marketing Companies to Ads of the World. Run […] ✅Unlimited FILM Location Database💚

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Film Shoot | Binnen én Buiten Europa | Zoek jij locaties die visueel sterk zijn? Bel MAPITO ✅ Specialist in Locaties Wereldwijd. De mooiste film locaties georganiseerd door een ervaren team van Locatie Managers. Een goede locatie is een van de meest belangrijkste manieren om met jouw film indruk te maken. ✅ biedt op maat gemaakte […]

MAPITO Locatiebestand & Locatie Management voor Entertainment, Film & Events.

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MAPITO Landweggetje, MAPITO Boerderij, MAPITO Schuur, MAPITO Villa, MAPITO Pontje, MAPITO Automotive, MAPITO Infra & Tunnels &More. Van kantoren, winkels en industriële gebouwen tot voormalige musea, kerken en kastelen, MAPITO levert een kwalitatieve invulling met als focus creativiteit: we vinden uw geschikte film locatie of voor events; exposities, atelier, kantoren voor start-ups, coworkspaces, pop-up store, […]

🇳🇱Dutch Cities & Location Database Category.

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Een goede Locatie is een van de meest belangrijkste manieren om met jouw film indruk te maken. Boeing 747, airbus, villa, boerderij, café, restaurant, wind energy, boardroom, ziekenhuis, kantoor, nightclub, vennetje, steiger, hamam, kerk, bos, kasteel, hangar en nog veel meer. Visueel sterke internationale locaties MAPITO Shaping your project. Dutch Cities &More ✅biedt op maat […]

Wil je het deze winter eens anders aanpakken?

MAPITO locatiebureau location agency Winter Road Landscape

Kijk dan eens rond in onze database. De simpelste en snelste manier om jou regisseur de vingers af te laten likken met film vriendelijke, shoot ready locations. 81.000+ exclusieve locaties voor jou scenario; Luxury homes, Mansion, Villa’s en Premium Research inclusief locatie management. Zo kun je lekker blijven werken binnen je vastgestelde timeline en je projectmanagement uitvoeren […]


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Your Ambassador & Content producer. Film friendly location database that inspires you! Think scouting locations is overrated? Maybe you’re just watching the wrong portfolios or to much on google images….. We reckon most storyboards are average, storylines are thin, the budgets are enormous and media content is huge. So act and create something before algoritmes […]

MAPITO Unlimited Locations

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GO BEYOND MAPITO☝️👏❤️ Your Ambassador in the field. Film friendly location database that inspires you! No project too big to handle❤️or too small to enjoy! FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT OR EVENT – TEAM MAPITO Wildlife Ecology and Management in combination with Contentmakers & Film Location Managers. #LocationAgencyMapito🌎 Flickr showcase by TEAM MAPITO and […]

MAPITO Location Fixer & Scout in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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Experienced professionals in the film industry mainly in the areas of automotive, advertising and film. International: we have experience of fixing for international crew here in Europe with varying locations from private properties to landmark Paris locations and we also regularly co-ordinate shoots all over the world using our network of local contacts. We have a […]

Landscape for film shoot❄️

MAPITO Winter Mountain View Landscape

Landscape for film shoot❄️CGI, VFX, Matte Painting, Digitale Set Extension. Are you looking for that awesome winter landscape or that perfect situation to create your set? Location Agency MAPITO is your best match. Wwe can shoot your background plate like in your storyboard, so it will fit in your Post Production. We also supply locations […]


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Op zoek naar dat schitterende winter❄️landschap of dat perfecte plekje in de Alpen voor jou set? Zoek jij een locatie voor je nieuwe vette promo of bedrijfsfilm? Dan ben je bij locatiebureau MAPITO méér dan ooit aan het juiste adres! Film Locations🔶Intensive Care Wij schieten eventueel uw high-res background plate zodat dit perfect matched met […]


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MAPITO GREEN | FOREST WILDLIFE ECOLOGY🌿🐾 Nature as a business model 🌿🌿🌿 Green is becoming mainstream and nature connects. Spending time in nature we’ll lose stress and with todays targets and  workflow pressure we all need quality time outside and like to combine leisure and sports. Research reveals that green environments reduces our stress, which […]

Amsterdam Location Fixer❤️

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Are you looking for a venue in Amsterdam? In the need of a location fixer in the Netherlands? Industrial heritage is continually being changed or destroyed. There has been a growing public awareness of the Dutch industrial heritage, as seen in a number of sites which have been restored or conserved by enthusiasts and are […]

Shooting Dynamic running footage in Snow and show off in awesome Winter Landscapes with the Best Snow Conditions

MAPITO Winter Snow Tracks Film Locations

Do you want your project to be realised in two different locations? Winter is on it’s way and we have the data for your next shoot on location with winter tyres in the snow ❄️covering the Alps and Scandinavia. We do the scouting, the permits, the maps the parking and cappuccino to the camera team […]

September SALE

MAPITO Dark Room Location, database, Amsterdam, Q72A0372

📣SALE Wil je het ook anders gaan aanpakken? Kijk dan nu zelf gerust eens rond in onze database. De simpelste en snelste manier om jou regisseur de vingers af te laten likken met film vriendelijke, shoot ready locations. Ruim 80.100+ locaties wereldwijd. Zo kun je lekker blijven werken binnen je timeline en je projectmanagement uitvoeren […]

MAPITO | 81.000+ Film Locations

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WE’VE GOT MANY PLACES WE LIKE TO BE. NORWAY IS ONE. With 81,000+ film locations probably the biggest database for your next video project. Do you need a location for your next film project or venue?

Sustainable Forestry Locations

Sustainable Forestry powered by TEAM MAPITO Via Flickr: We make media productions of all kinds, as we use different techniques to tell our stories. In our stories we communicate the beautiful things in life to effect positive change in the daily lives of many. TEAM MAPITO internationally orientated media production company studio based in Nieuw […]

Fixer & Location Manager Amsterdam

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FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT. No.1 fixer in the content & advertising industry. Database Location Agency MAPITO: for all your photo and film locations with over 81.000+ shoot ready locations. We make your project run smooth with our time management tool. We plan visually with a single glance and make sure your projects are […]


MAPITO location database with over 81,000 film and photography locations. AVIATION • AUTOMOTIVE • HERITAGE • FASHION / EDITORIAL • INDUSTRIAL • LIFESTYLE • LIVING • MARITIME & The Great Outdoors • Wildlife • Sea Safari • Forestry. MAPITO is a network of experienced location managers that have worked with brands like Audi, Harpers Bazaar, […]

Location Agency MAPITO to the World

Location agency MAPITO to the World MAPITO always in search for stunning film & photo locations, both National and International, for tv, film & (POS ) advertising. You don’y have to login to browse through our online photo database. Have a look at huge film location database &more, in association with our partnered friends (Always […]