Expedition Greenland | SEAGLOO Dream Crew

Arctic Sailors, Photographer & Storyteller.

SEAGLOO Dream Crew | Expedition Greenland On our kayak expedition in Greenland we met these cool guys who where sailing around the world. Being on a mission and out there in the fields is in our DNA and the only place to prep your production, built on trust in order not to jeopardise your clients […]

Sustainable Forestry Locations

Sustainable Forestry powered by TEAM MAPITO Via Flickr: We make media productions of all kinds, as we use different techniques to tell our stories. In our stories we communicate the beautiful things in life to effect positive change in the daily lives of many. TEAM MAPITO internationally orientated media production company studio based in Nieuw […]

Shoot like a pro

Shoot like a pro with locations from TEAM MAPITO. Probably the largest global network of locationscouts & location managers, If you need that perfect insta-shot for a castle a bridge, desert, disco or marina in Belgium or France, we help you find exactly what you need for your production. Over 81,000 locations Visit NOW MAPITO […]


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Find Your Film Location💘Match

#MAPITOLocations Een goede Locatie is een van de meest belangrijkste manieren om met jouw film indruk te maken. Italië, Spanje, Frankrijk, Noorwegen, Zweden, Luxemburg, Duitsland, UK, Costa Rico, België, Scotland, Maleisië, Indonesië, Egypte, Marokko. Blijf in beweging. Vind je match💘uit 69.000 wereldwijde locaties online of bel ons. Laat je inspireren! MAPITO Hidden gems. TEAM MAPITO […]

Deep dark inside with a mission #imagineeredby

Horticulture Premium Research Locations

MAPITO is a commercial film & photo location library over 81.000+ locations ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ LET’S GET TO WORK ✅ fixer, location scout, location manager, location agency (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEA7bhSXyQg) (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Go Kayak – de Mark rally 2015

Go kayakking Go Outside

Go Kayak – de Mark rally 2015 Outdoor activities – Micro adventure, travelling by water. 1 Canoe, 1 Dagger and 1 Liquid Logic flowing at just the right speed for recreational kayaking and canoeing. https://runkeeper.com/user/franske/activity/708960341 08:15 Merksplas, Belgium direction Breda, the Netherlands. de Mark rally 2015 – Pilot Case study and exploring greater Breda for Tourism, […]

Packrafting Outdoor Sports

Wildwater packrafting een vrij nieuwe sport overgewaaid vanuit de VS en Canada. Paul test vandaag zijn nieuwe 1.7kilo packlight kayak, Advanced Elements tijdens de 1e Aa of Weerijs rally op 4 december 2015 en nu te koop bij Arjan Bloem http://www.kajak.nl #kanocentrumarjanbloem #packrafting #advancedelements #packlite #kayak #teammapito #outdoor #microadventure #epic

Autumn 🍁🍂

Goodmorning NATURE. The Great Outdoors🍄🍁Season locations this time with Dutch forests. Wetlands • Forests • Coastline • Countryside • Blooming Moor fields • Parks • Flower Markets🐝 https://teammapito.smugmug.com/browse Non Residential & Residential Urban landscapes Domestic houses gardens and flats Interiors Mansions, Manons & stately homes Public buildings Entertainment, food, drink & accomodation Education & Sports […]

Pioneer vs Location Scout

Happinezz😃 Addicted to travel & exploring and always on the road photographing, scouting for the advertising industry. We now go for a whole different challenge, but also full of adventure. Micro Adventure✋ #outdoor #kayak #bluesky #travel #microadventure #TEAMMAPITO

TEAM MAPITO | Automotive Car Platform & Daylight Studios

TEAM MAPITO | Automotive Car Platform & Daylight Studios Addicted to roads and always on roads, scouting locations for the Automotive Category Industry. Here we’d like to present our car platform both for stills advertising & film 🎥 surrounded by the rolling hills and magnificent mountains with plenty nice curved roads and dirt tracks. WE ARE […]

BondPark teaser film

BondPark Teaser film from TEAM MAPITO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CUTguUCjOg&feature=youtu.be&list=PLA3JkqzdxSL5jfpfPUHpMfAgbSSP0lScJ TEAM MAPITO project aligned with our global friends. Image makers, filmmakers, photographers, fixers, scouts, owners, and regular guys teammapito.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

POV Amsterdam

Scouting POV Amsterdam from a different angle 😀 I AM AMSTERDAMI Am a #locationscout #fixer #locationmanagerWe are a teamWe are mountainswe are riversWe are skylinesWe are roadsAdvertising, film & photo but also for events and promotions.We Know Where and How – Location Managers & Location Database.MAPITO FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT.

TEAM MAPITO Fixers & Researchers – We Inspire.

What is a fixer? Without fixers, thousands of TV and film productions throughout the world would be impossible every year, tens of thousands of articles and books would never be written and the myriad of corporate activities would never see the light of day. Simply put, a fixer is your temporary local knowledge when working […]

Office Interior – flex working

We like to Inspire you! With locations indoor and outdoor for care, hospitality, education, leisure & office locations and for your next project. Location Management for Film and TV Production | TEAM MAPITO Beautiful earth Get inspired Amazing places Discover the most amazing places for your film production Epic landscapes and waterfalls Historical castles Colorful buildings World […]

DAMEN – LAGA Regatte

TEAM MAPITO, Locations, film, Production

DAMEN LAGA Raceroei Regatta 2013 from TEAM MAPITO on Vimeo. Ieder project is anders en elke klant heeft een ander doel. Wij passen onszelf en onze diensten aan aan jouw wensen. Vanwege de flexibiliteit van verschillende systemen en de diverse mogelijkheden zorgen we voor een passende offerte per project. TEAM MAPITO is een productiehuis dat […]

Shooting the harvesting of Green Beans on location

Today’s shooting pitch video with loonbedrijf C. Damen & Laarakker Groenteverwerking B.V the harvesting of Greenbeans. TEAM MAPITO is a production agency, specialized in content or (moving) images. A collective of the most accomplished and innovative media specialists working together with a bunch of our industry’s finest offline and online advertising creatives. We are curious by […]

Worldwide location database for your next project or event.

MAPITO💚R&D Unlimited Film Locations | Global Location Scout Database available to help you find what you’re looking for. https://teammapito.smugmug.com/browse Working on land & water, let us Inspire you☀️🎥 TEAM MAPITO follow us on Facebook 👍 https://www.facebook.com/TeamMAPITO

Dirt Track Road Locations Automotive

2day some more dirt tracks and dust in my lens, I used the slider this time. “Travelling around the world for advertising agencies, crazy art directors and clients for 29 years, we have locations in every aspect, from East to West, cold to hot landscapes, forests and cities. With over 81,000 locations in our huge […]