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⚓️MARITIME | YACHTING, PORTS & MARINAS PREMIUM LABELOn & Offshore, Ports, Terminals, Strong rigging & heavy lifting Marine locations. Expedition vessels, Ship locks, ferries, yachts, fishing trawlers, houseboats, marinas. ✈AEROSPACE & AVIATION EXCLUSIVE LABELSpecialists in TV and Film Aerial CoordinationAircrafts, helicopters Airbus, Boeing 747-400 maintenance hangar.Helping Largest Marketing Companies to Ads of the World. Run […]

Winter landschap met bergen voor film❄️

MAPITO locatiebureau location agency Winter Road Landscape

Winter landschap met bergen voor film❄️ Op zoek naar dat schitterende winter landschap of dat perfecte plekje in de Alpen voor jou set? Zoek jij een locatie voor je nieuwe vette promo of bedrijfsfilm? Dan ben je bij locatiebureau MAPITO méér dan ooit aan het juiste adres! Wij schieten eventueel uw high-res background plate zodat […]


MAPITO Locations database

Op zoek naar dat schitterende winter❄️landschap of dat perfecte plekje in de Alpen voor jou set? Zoek jij een locatie voor je nieuwe vette promo of bedrijfsfilm? Dan ben je bij locatiebureau MAPITO méér dan ooit aan het juiste adres! Film Locations🔶Intensive Care Wij schieten eventueel uw high-res background plate zodat dit perfect matched met […]


MAPITO Locations database

MAPITO GREEN | FOREST WILDLIFE ECOLOGY🌿🐾 Nature as a business model 🌿🌿🌿 Green is becoming mainstream and nature connects. Spending time in nature we’ll lose stress and with todays targets and  workflow pressure we all need quality time outside and like to combine leisure and sports. Research reveals that green environments reduces our stress, which […]

Whale Watching Summer 2019 BOOK NOW!

Humpback whale diving in arctic fjord landscape

Duiken met walvissen op avontuur in Noorwegen Noorwegen is een topland. Op walvistour spotten, snorkelen, volgels observeren, fotograferen & filmen. De makkelijkste en snelste manier om via Piet jouw reis te boeken en te genieten van een overgetelijke expeditie naar de poolcirkel. Dolfijnen, Humpbacks, Orca’s van dichtbij en indrukwekkende landschappen, schitterende fjorden. Boek nu jouw […]

📣Land Rover Defender 147 Pick Up – Custom made, Limited Edition

LAND ROVER Defender 147, Customized

📣Seen nothing else! We’d like to announce our recent work for rebranding 4x4ZUID Car Service & Repair into a more qualitative, personal and sympathetic garage with a special touch for customized automotive. Customized LAND ROVER Defender 147 Limited edition – Now for Sale. FOLLOW @4x4ZUID for more ◀️ ◀️ ◀️ @4x4ZUID for more ◀️◀️◀️ @4x4ZUID […]

Expedition Greenland | SEAGLOO Dream Crew

Arctic Sailors, Photographer & Storyteller.

SEAGLOO Dream Crew | Expedition Greenland On our kayak expedition in Greenland we met these cool guys who where sailing around the world. Being on a mission and out there in the fields is in our DNA and the only place to prep your production, built on trust in order not to jeopardise your clients […]

Sustainable locationscouting

Horticulture Premium Research Locations

MAPITO: Film location scout, locations agency & film location database. Location Scout Mapito is scouting your film location or venue. Find online film and photo locations for TV commercials, film shoots and photo shoots with our location database. We Are a Team of Makers & Planners. TEAM MAPITO continually invests in maintaining its reputation for […]

Partner in business for your marketing or (social) media campagne.

Partner in business for your marketing or (social) media campagne #storytelling always on location #teammapito🌎 capturering the world, film & photo for your product or service.

MAPITO Location Fixer – Amsterdam based location fixer in the Netherlands

Horticulture Premium Research Locations

Location Fixer Amsterdam is also know as MAPITO. Probably the biggest location library and reputation for delivering high quality  photography worldwide in the film and advertising industry 81,000 locations online including the location management and production service. WE’RE OPERATING IN MANY DIFFERENT MARKETS, ON ALL CONTINENTS AND IN ALL OF THE WORLD’S TIMEZONES. We know […]

Fixer & Location Manager Amsterdam

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FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT. No.1 fixer in the content & advertising industry. Database Location Agency MAPITO: for all your photo and film locations with over 81.000+ shoot ready locations. We make your project run smooth with our time management tool. We plan visually with a single glance and make sure your projects are […]


MAPITO location database with over 81,000 film and photography locations. AVIATION • AUTOMOTIVE • HERITAGE • FASHION / EDITORIAL • INDUSTRIAL • LIFESTYLE • LIVING • MARITIME & The Great Outdoors • Wildlife • Sea Safari • Forestry. MAPITO is a network of experienced location managers that have worked with brands like Audi, Harpers Bazaar, […]

#Bosexploitatie voor Uw partner voor verantwoord bosbeheer🌿

Houtoogst, Staatsbosbeheer, Fotograaf, Storytelling

Stel, je hebt een (promo) film nodig. Maar je hebt geen idee, dan ben je bij TEAMMAPITO aan het juiste adres.

Location Agency MAPITO to the World

Location agency MAPITO to the World MAPITO always in search for stunning film & photo locations, both National and International, for tv, film & (POS ) advertising. You don’y have to login to browse through our online photo database. Have a look at huge film location database &more, in association with our partnered friends (Always […]

Marit Dopheide

I followed Dutch athlete Marit Dopheide during a few days training session along with an interview by Ron Bekker, my chief editor. Marit is specialized in estafette 100m | 200m | 400m the magazine is OUT NOW SPRINT Magazine cover shoot with Marit Dopheide powered by TEAM MAPITO TEAM MAPITO FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT […]

Marit Dopheide Dutch athlete | 100m | 200m | 400m

Sports, Atletiek, Marit Dopheide

Marit Dopheide Dutch athlete | 100m | 200m | 400m. Read the interview out now👍 #sprintmagazine #maritdopheide #avsprint #atletiek #breda #sportmarketing #ronbekker

Shoot like a pro

Shoot like a pro with locations from TEAM MAPITO. Probably the largest global network of locationscouts & location managers, If you need that perfect insta-shot for a castle a bridge, desert, disco or marina in Belgium or France, we help you find exactly what you need for your production. Over 81,000 locations Visit NOW MAPITO […]

Harper’s Bazaar US visits Amsterdam on Kingsday’s

We welcome the team from Harper’s Bazaar US today. Happy Kingsday everything is orange and lot’s of Tulips fields are blooming, waiting for you to shoot. Let’s get to work and enjoy Holland at its best. TEAM MAPITO | We’ve got a thing for locations ✅ 24/7🔶Intensive Care. Helping Largest Marketing Companies to Ads of […]


Tulipmania 🌷 MAPITO🔶Intensive Care voor Film & Events. ✅ biedt op maat gemaakte oplossingen aan voor film, tv commercials, fotografie en events inclusief locatiemanagement✅ MAPITO Locations Database & MAPITO Location Managers. MAPITO, MAPITO MAPITO, TEAM MAPITO First Stop for Your next Project. No project to big to handle❤️or to small to enjoy! #tulips #teammapito🌎