Do you need an event location?

Still haven’t found your perfect location? MAPITO scout and deals with locations for all media & events and has (CGI) shoot ready locations, we share locations within our Global network and partners & friends and give loads of choices and more. We do the scouting, the permits, the maps and the parking. And it’s not […]

Nature is business, like Amsterdam is hot business

AMSTERDAM: TEAM MAPITO The Marketing of the city of Amsterdam as a brand by Tours & Tickets, cheese, canals, excursions and entertainment is a succes. Business models in nature and leisure economy do exactly the same in all marketing aspects but can they do more with new business models; developing, planning projects and branding for […]

Summer vs Winter – MAPITO Can help!

MAPITO can help.* *with location collaboration, location distribution and location everything else. Non Residential & Residential Urban landscapes Domestic houses gardens and flats Interiors Mansions, Manons & stately homes Public buildings Entertainment, food, drink & accomodation Education & Sports Industry & Commerce Transport The Great Outdoors Your location. Your video. Your brand. Whats it gonna be […]

‘Pond’ film location

Not seen what you’re looking for? Seen something almost right but want some more options? If it’s not in the location library, our location scouting / management / research department will go out and find it! We’ll nip round greater Amsterdam or travel the world to find the perfect location for your project. The accumulated […]