Bootcamping met de bevers

De natuur is een gevoelig ecosysteem waar ook wij o.a voor filmopnames in werkzaam zijn. Op dat moment voelen wij ons een onderdeel van deze flora en fauna. Dankzij deze filosofie en de daaraan gekoppelde unieke werkwijze kan op korte en lange termijn het ecosysteem duurzaam blijven bestaan en draaien wij de content voor uw […]

Typical Dutch🇳🇱Landscape

Today’s Location Scouting for a tv-commercial with a very typical Dutch🇳🇱landscape, this for the Asian market. No canals in Amsterdam, no coffeeshops, no tulips, but cows, grass and of course the Windmills, here a little one, we hope you like it😉 “Travelling around the world for advertising agencies, crazy art directors and clients for 29 […]

Location Moodboards &More

We like to inspire you with locations from Scotland. We have car SHOOT READY locations for your next (automotive) project. MAPITO scouts and deals with locations for all media & events and has (CGI) car shoot ready locations, we share locations within our Global network and partners and give loads of choices and more. We […]

Locations that matters

We like to Inspire you with #locations, we scout for film & photo advertising. Step off the beaten Google tracks and challenge us. We know where and how, because we have been there, we do the scouting, permits, parking, we talk to the people, we make your shoot go smooth and hassle free, worldwide with […]

City skyline

Scouting skylines is a keyword for every Location scout and a repeating question in The automotive industry. Scouting Locations around The World since 1991 we still are surprised how difficult it seems for advertising agencies And clients to deal with Google research, we are every day Out in The field, we know the game, cooperate […]

POV Amsterdam

Scouting Amsterdam from a different angle 😀 I AM AMSTERDAM I Am a #locationscout #fixer #locationmanager We are a team We are mountains we are rivers We are skylinee We are roads for advertising, film & photo but also for events and promotions. We Know Where and How – MAPITO FIRST STOP FOR YOUR NEXT […]