#WHEAT #CROP MOODS BY MAPITO  We scout locations for film, and the advertising industry. We photograph locations for your project, and also we shoot film for your corporate database, adverts, direct marketing or for social media. With 81,000 locations online and 42 countries, we are probably the biggest advertising location scout database for your next […]


LANDSCAPE & FARM LOCATION INSPIRATION BY MAPITO LOCATIONS Our name is TEAM MAPITO and different Labales & Products. We’re scouting​, manage and deal with locations throughout the world for advertising agencies, photographers, directors and that kind of people. We film & photograph your project and for your annual report, corporate database, adverts, direct marketing or […]

Windmills Oldskool

WINDMILL LOCATION INSPIRATION 4 YOUR NEXT FILM PROJECT. DO YOU  NEED A WINDMILL LOCATION? A GOOD 95% CHANCE TO FIND LOCATIONS OR IMAGES ON FILE AND IN OUR DATABASE, FOR YOUR IDEA, PROJECT OR LAYOUT. Our film location database with over 81,100 locations in 42 countries used for film and advertising photography. MAPITO, We scout […]


I like scouting locations on land and water, it’s my job, discovering the best water landscape Locations for you in the MAPITO kayak. http://runkeeper.com/user/franske/activity/386557679 #locationscout #locations #kayak #water #nature #landscape #mapito