Prices and services 2014


Photographers & Videographers fee, CGi background shooter & lightfields Prices per day
(overtime € 90,--per hour)

Euro 700,--

Location Scouting / management, research Euro 550,-- (overtime € 75,--per hour)

Photographic prints
by estimate

Personalized presentation webpage

50,-- Euro before tax*

Image bank / database
by estimate
Price of locations from stock / CGI :
by estimate (Euro before tax*)

general sales conditions
chambers of commerce

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Consultation and custom tailored location webpages or "Client pages", are available on an individual basis.

This is a entirely new approach to location scouting that we hope you will find as exciting and useful as we do, so no seperate emails. and lots of pictures all presented online in your own project and url.

* Fees exclude collecting the (foreign)production team at the airport and showing them the locations.

Expenses incured for travel, film, transport, communication, hotel and restaurant during location scouting.

The cost of sending material by courier is supplementary. The images, whether transparency, negative, digital photography or digital video is under copyright restriction to MaPito Enterprises©. The material sent to the client may be used only for the purpose outlined in the estimate.

All other usage is forbidden without permission in writing from the photographer.


All images are copyright by MAPITO Enterprises© and may not be used without written permission of MAPITO Enterprises. Legal action will be taken on any infringement of the intellectual property rights of MAPITO Enterprises.

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