How do we do it

Phase 1: Assessment of client’s request

• 'the Brief', Lay-outs, storyboard. Definition of required services (done by client),
• Moodboard, visual references Draft - For Discussion Pupose Only and to assist with the 'pitch'
• Treatment by Director or Photographer
• Draft Planning / Proposed Schedule, (done by client)
• Proposed task and risk allocation (defines who is responsible for what and who bears which risks)
• Cost estimate (defines cost calculation and charging structure (fixed price, budget, cost + (=real costs + managementfee)*
• Letter of Intent (LOI) document outlining an agreement between two or more parties before the agreement is finalized
• pré PPM

* the more you give us, the more accurate the cost estimate can be. If you have a budget in mind, or you know what the advertising agency are looking at spending, let us know.

Phase 2 : Purchase order / Booking [Check-in]

• Booking / Purchase order (Signed Agreement)
• PPM (appendix Agreement)
• Scouting, move on straight to the field site location(s)
• Locations presentation
- Location selection(s) / 1st choice(s)
- Scout sheet
• Models / Talents presentation
• Crew Assignment
* Final task and risk allocation (appendix Agreement)

Phase 3

• Plan & Go (Getting There and Away) , timescales, flight reservation, other events)

- def. Planning (My Trip and More - our Travels and More - Whats on When – Where to Go – What to see)
- Flight confirmation
- Accomodation
- Transportation / car reservation
- Permits

Phase 4: [Execute]

• Shoot

Phase 5: Deliver [Check-out]

• Deliver product to client
• Invoicing
• Check out

All correspondence will be treated Confidental - Not to be shared with 3rd parties unless specifically approved

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