How we work

We need all information of a brief.

The client ALWAYS needs to pass on ALL information so that any plan we make to try and reach the goal is not undercut by “new” information that suddenly appears.

Phase 1: Assessment of client’s request

  • ‘the Brief’, Lay-outs, storyboard. Definition of required services (done by client),
  • Moodboard, visual references Draft – For Discussion Pupose Only and to assist with the ‘pitch’
  • Treatment by Director or Photographer
  • Draft Planning / Proposed Schedule, (done by client)
  • Proposed task and risk allocation (defines who is responsible for what and who bears which risks)
  • Cost estimate (defines cost calculation and charging structure (fixed price, budget, cost + (=real costs + managementfee)*
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) document outlining an agreement between two or more parties before the agreement is finalized
  • pré PPM
    * the more you give us, the more accurate the cost estimate can be. If you have a budget in mind, or you know what the advertising agency are looking at spending, let us know.

Phase 2 : Purchase order / Booking [Check-in]

  • Booking / Purchase order (Signed Agreement)
  • PPM (appendix Agreement)
  • Scouting, move on straight to the field site location(s)
  • Locations presentation
    • Location selection(s) / 1st choice(s)
    • Scout sheet
  • Models / Talents presentation
  • Crew Assignment
    * Final task and risk allocation (appendix Agreement)

Phase 3: Planning

  • Plan & Go (Getting There and Away) , timescales, flight reservation, other events)
  • def. Planning (My Trip and More – our Travels and More – Whats on When – Where to Go – What to see)
  • Flight confirmation
  • Accomodation
  • Transportation / car reservation
  • Permits

Phase 4: Execution

  • Shoot

Phase 5: Deliver [Check-out]

  • Deliver product to client
  • Invoicing
  • Check out

All correspondence will be treated Confidental – Not to be shared with 3rd parties unless specifically approved